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Silver Vermeil Teddy Bear 1/2 Earring with Gemstones


Pack of silver vermeil TOUS Basics ear Piercings with spinel


Set of Silver Vermeil Teddy Bear Earrings with Gemstones


Rose Vermeil Silver Super Power Earrings with Ruby

+ materials

Gold and Mother-of-pearl XXS star Earrings

+ materials

White Gold Sweet Dolls Earrings


White Gold TOUS Puppies Earrings with Diamonds Star motifs


Gold Sweet Dolls XXS Earrings Star motif. Pressure clasp.

+ materials

Rose Gold Les Classiques star Earring with Diamonds


Gold TOUS Basics star ear Piercing


Gold TOUS Piercing Ear piercing with star

+ materials

Nocturne Silver 1/2 Earring with Pearl


Silver TOUS Basics Earrings Pack


Silver Vermeil Nocturne Earcuff with Diamond star

+ materials

Silver Magic Nature climber Earcuff with spinels


Set of Silver Vermeil Nocturne Earrings with Diamonds


Nocturne Earrings in Silver Vermeil with Diamonds and Pearl


Silver with Pearl Silueta Earrings


Large Nocturne Silver Earrings with Pearl


Long Nocturne Silver Earrings with Pearl


Nocturne Silver Earcuff with Pearl


Dark silver Magic Nature moon disc Earrings with diamonds


Short silver vermeil Magic Nature Earrings with diamonds