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Silver vermeil Plump Hoop earrings with amethysts


Silver vermeil Plump Earrings with gemstones


Silver vermeil Plump Ball earrings


Silver vermeil Plump Circle earrings


Silver vermeil Plump Earrings


Silver and silver vermeil Plump Double hoop earrings

+ materials

Silver vermeil Gloss Double earrings with cultured pearls


Gold Virtual Garden Hoop earrings with gemstones


Silver and silver vermeil Virtual Garden Climber earrings


Silver Virtual Garden Earrings


Gold TOUS St Tropez Spiral earrings with diamonds


13-mm silver vermeil TOUS St. Tropez Cup Earrings with enamel


Silver vermeil Areia Earrings with multicolored gemstones


Silver vermeil TOUS Hav Circle earrings


Silver TOUS Hav Circle earrings


Gold TOUS Teddy Bear Earrings with gemstones


Gold TOUS Cool Joy Earrings with bear and chain


Two-tone TOUS Bear Row earrings with bear silhouettes

+ materials

Silver TOUS Bear Row earrings with bear silhouettes

+ materials

Short TOUS Joy Bits earrings with colored enamel motifs

+ materials

Silver and colored enamel TOUS Joy Bits earrings

+ materials

Short two-tone TOUS Joy Bits Earrings with bear

+ materials

Two-tone TOUS Joy Bits hoop earrings with pendant

+ materials

TOUS Vibrant Colors Earring with carnelian and enamel details


Two-tone Luah bear Earrings


Silver vermeil Luah bear Earrings with sapphires


Two-tone Luah heart Earrings