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Cord TOUS Crossword Mama Mama bracelet with gemstones

$289 $144 (-50%)

Silver Vermeil Fragile Nature flower Ring

$209 $104 (-50%)

Oval Dark Silver Hold Bracelet

$345 $207 (-40%)
+ materials

Dark Silver Sweet Dolls Pendant with Vermeil Silver

$145 $72 (-50%)

Silver Vermeil Costura Ring with Gemstones

$580 $290 (-50%)

Steel and Rose Vermeil Silver Icon Mesh Bracelet

$595 $357 (-40%)
+ materials

Vermeil Silver Duna Tube Necklace

$229 $160 (-30%)

Long Silver Vermeil Glaring Pendant with Onyx and Zirconia

$189 $113 (-40%)
+ materials

Silver Vermeil Glaring Pendant with Onyx and Zirconia

$129 $90 (-30%)
+ materials

Medium Rose Silver Vermeil Sketx Pendant

$210 $147 (-30%)
+ materials

Silver Fragile Nature rosette Earrings with Gemstones

$390 $195 (-50%)
$580 $348 (-40%)
$315 $189 (-40%)

Rose Silver Vermeil Tartan disc Earrings

$680 $408 (-40%)
$395 $197 (-50%)
$295 $206 (-30%)

Steel and White Gold with Topaz Eklat Ring

$485 $291 (-40%)

Steel and White Gold Eklat Bracelet with Topaz

$560 $336 (-40%)
+ materials

White Gold with Diamonds and Topaz Eklat Bracelet

$595 $357 (-40%)

Rose Vermeil Silver Super Power Pendant with Pearl and Spinel

$119 $59 (-50%)
$430 $301 (-30%)

Large Rose Vermeil Silver Super Power Earrings with Gemstones

$320 $224 (-30%)
+ materials

Rose gold TOUS Brillants Ring with Diamonds 0.16ct

$510 $357 (-30%)
+ materials

Silver Rubric Pendant

$145 $101 (-30%)

Silver Vermeil Glaring Necklace with Onyx and Zirconia

$425 $297 (-30%)
+ materials

Silver TOUS Mama girl curls Pendant with Gemstones

$79 $55 (-30%)
+ materials

Large Silver TOUS Mama Pendant

$119 $83 (-30%)
+ materials
$139 $97 (-30%)

Large Silver Vermeil TOUS Mama Pendant

$145 $101 (-30%)
+ materials

Silver Vermeil Gloss open Necklace with Pearls

$485 $242 (-50%)

Nocturne heart Pendant in Silver Vermeil with Diamonds

$395 $197 (-50%)



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