Ref. 714174030
Anhänger TOUS Devoción aus 18kt Gelbgold mit Silhouette der Jungfrau Maria. Motiv: 1,55 cm
    • 18 kt Gold
      • Kontrast 750/000
      • Gewicht 1.04 g

Allgemeine Informationen

  • Kollektion Devoción
  • Produktionstechnik Galvanoformung ohne Harzkern
Über die Kollektion

The medallion is the most traditional expression in jewelry-making: a talisman that accompanies you always, and is a constant reminder of the most important things in life. The Devoción collection represents faith, through jewelry created in precious metals such as silver vermeil and 18kt gold. It is perfect for combining with other jewelry and colored gemstones and wearing anytime, anywhere to bring you protection and peace of mind.