18KT GOLD (750/000)

Gold is a bright, yellow metal of exceptional beauty highly appreciated since ancient times. Its prized color, elegance and resistance to corrosion makes of this metal a must in jewelry-making. Its special qualities and scarcity have led to attempts to recreate gold from other elements. Though this precious metal has proven to be impossible to replicate, it can be reused. In fact, 85% of the gold we use to make our jewelry has been recycled, always maintaining the highest standards to ensure its superior quality. The perfect metal to make your jewelry sparkle and radiant.
The most elegant precious metal.


  • Gold is one of the most valuable precious existing metals 
  • Its intense tone has traditionally been associated with the sun and used as a symbol of purity and royalty.
  • 18kt gold is an alloy composed of 75% pure gold and 25% other metals.



All TOUS gold jewelry comes with the hallmark of the Laboratorio Oficial de Contrastes (Official Hallmark Laboratory), a seal to confirm that the piece complies with the law. For gold, this is 750.


18kt white gold (750/000)

18kt white gold (750/000) is an alloy of yellow gold and palladium, a shiny silvery-white colored metal belonging to the same group as platinum. A final layer of rhodium gives the desired color and characteristic shine.

18kt rose gold (750/000)

Rose gold is created by combining 18kt yellow gold (750/000) with copper and silver. This results in a ductile, malleable alloy that reflects the most sophisticated TOUS trend.