338 Prodotti
Pietre preziose

Two-tone Oursin Ring

EUR 185
EUR 149

Silver TOUS Bear Row ring with bear silhouettes

EUR 39

Silver and Spinel TOUS Ring Mix Rings set Bear motifs

EUR 95

Silver Vermeil Sweet Dolls bear Signet ring

EUR 85
EUR 79

Silver TOUS Sweet Dolls Ring with pearl

EUR 62

Silver TOUS Straight Ring with Bear motifs

EUR 55

Silver and cultured pearls Mini Icons heart and bear Ring set

EUR 85

Silver TOUS Mini Icons bear-star motifs Rings set

EUR 60

Silver and silver vermeil Virtual Garden Ring

EUR 75

Nocturne triple Ring in Silver Vermeil with Diamonds

EUR 250
EUR 89

Silver and silver vermeil St. Tropez Open ring

EUR 65

Silver and silver vermeil Plump Open ring

EUR 75

Silver and silver vermeil Plump Double ring

EUR 119

Set of three silver vermeil Plump Rings with gemstones

EUR 129
EUR 119

Silver vermeil Virtual Garden Bar ring with amethyst

EUR 159

Silver vermeil Wicker Ring

EUR 169

Silver vermeil Virtual Garden Double ring

EUR 199

Silver vermeil Plump Open ring

EUR 119
EUR 50

Silver TOUS Mini Icons heart Ring with Heart motifs

EUR 50

Silver Vermeil Glaring Ring with Onyx and Zirconia

EUR 90
EUR 175

Dark silver and silver vermeil St. Tropez Open ring

EUR 69

Silver Wicker Ring

EUR 59

Dark silver Virtual Garden Ring with cultured pearls

EUR 119

Silver vermeil Virtual Garden Signet ring set with amethyst

EUR 299

Silver and silver vermeil St. Tropez Triple ring

EUR 119

Silver vermeil Plump Ring

EUR 199

Silver vermeil Plump Double open ring

EUR 149