Long two-tone Earrings Hold Oval


Short/long silver Earrings with rings and details Hold


Long double Earrings with 18kt gold plating over silver Gloss


Long 22 mm silver Hoop earrings TOUS Basics

+ materials

Long/short 18kt gold plating over silver Earrings Bold Motif


Long 18kt gold plating over silver heart Earrings Bold Motif


Large silver Bold Motif Earrings with motifs


Long white-gold Single earring with amazonite TOUS Grain

+ materials

Long silver vermeil Bent Earrings


Silver vermeil Bent Earrings


Long Tsuri Earrings with silver motifs and cultured pearls


Silver Tsuri Earrings with cultured pearls


Long Nocturne Silver Earrings


Long TOUS Carrusel bear-motif Earrings


Long Silver Vermeil and Malachite Icon Color Earrings

+ materials

Silver New Silueta Earrings