The hardest mineral on earth and one of the most coveted and valued. Containing a special and characteristic shine known as adamantine, which gives these gemstones great beauty. Diamonds are formed by crystalized pure carbon. In addition to colorless versions, they can be found in practically the entire color spectrum: brown, yellow, grey, red, pink, blue or green. There are four factors that determine the uniqueness of a diamond and influence its final value. These are the quality criteria known worldwide as the 4 Cs, which refer to the following:

1. Carat weight

Carat weight
The carat, equivalent to 0.2 g, is the standard unit for weight of gemstones. If the rest of the factors are identical, the larger the size, the higher the value.

2. Clarity

Almost all diamonds contain small spots of carbon or other minerals inside, known as inclusions. These are not visible to the nacked eye unless magnified, and make each gemstone unique and one of a kind. Obviously, the fewer inclusions, the dearest.

3. Colour

The most valuable diamonds are colorless. However, the majority of diamonds have a trace of yellow, brown or gray. The exception are the “Fancy Colors” in more intense colors, such as champagne, pink, green and blue, the rarity of which will establish their value.

4. Cut

Decisive in its brilliance, the cut makes the light reflect and disperse around the interior of the gem. This characteristic is only possible in a proportionally and well cut diamond, which is one of the TOUS gem laboratory requirements for each Diamond. Not to be confused with the shape of a diamond.


  • Ruthenium is a grayish metal belonging to the Platinum family, giving it the status of a precious metal.
  • Depending on the light to which it is exposed, Dark Silver jewelry can take on different tones and shades.
  • To ensure your ruthenium jewelry continue to shine as they did on the first day, at TOUS we offer a plating service for this metal. 



South Africa, Canada, Australia, Zimbabwe, Angola.


Colorless, yellow, brown, grey.


CLARITY: In addition to being a gemstone linked to abundance and wealth, the Diamond is also a symbol of purity, contributing to a greater clarity and sincerity in our relationships.

The hardest mineral on earth and one of the most coveted and valued.


Natural diamonds can be subjected to various treatments to enhance their clarity and transparency (using laser and/or fracture filling) and/or to enhance their color (using coatings, irradiation, thermal treatment, HPHT – high pressure, high temperature treatment). At TOUS, in an Atelier collection and a collection created especially for Mexico, we use blue and yellow diamonds, whose color has been treated by irradiation.
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