Product details
She’s your role model. Tell her with this 18kt gold and mother of pearl pendant from the TOUS Mama collection. A one-off just like her.
Ref. 114154050
TOUS Mama pendant in 18kt yellow gold and mother-of-pearl. Medallion size: 15 mm. This item does not include the chain. Production technique: Mechanized.
    • 18kt gold
      • Contrast 750/000
      • Weight 0.808 g
    • Mother-of-pearl
      • Quantity 1
      • Weight 2.4 ct

General information

  • Collection TOUS Mama
  • Production technique Machining
About the collecion

Because there is no one like her, and because of the way she looks at you, hugs you, takes care of you and smiles at you, you know that she will always be there by your side no matter what. Celebrate her achievements, her strength and her wisdom with the MAMA collection, jewelry specially designed for her, available in different finishes such as sterling silver and 18kt gold – jewelry that will let her know just how much you love her. Celebrate your mother’s unconditional love every day of the year with TOUS jewelry full of tenderness and meaning.