TOUS iconic brilliant silver is the result of refined and innovative processes over the years. Silver is one of the seven precious metals known since ancient times and has been praised ever since for its exceptional properties that make it so unique. Although it can be alloyed with virtually any metal, TOUS fine jewelry artisans combine it with copper to achieve greater hardness. The most valuable alloy is known as sterling silver (925/000) crafted by our jewelers through a process of melting mastered nearly a century ago. Lightweight but durable jewelry is created by electroforming, a process embraced during the 1990s and used to design elegant and fine pieces in Sterling Silver to guarantee its glittering effect.
Tradition and excellence merging in our most emblematic metal.


  • For many centuries this metal was considered to be a gift from nature created by the moon’s influence.
  • Sterling silver is an alloy containing 92.5% pure silver.
  • Silver oxidizes easily when in contact with other materials due to its characteristics. TOUS ensures that jewelry retains its specific shine forever. That’s why we offer free cleaning and maintenance service in all our jewelry.



Todas las joyas de plata TOUS cuentan con el contraste de garantía del Laboratorio Oficial de Contrastes, que consiste en una señal que certifica el cumplimiento de la ley oficial en la pieza. Siendo en este caso representado 925.