Rose Silver Vermeil Hold Choker

Material Pink Vermeil


Pink Vermeil
Material Pink Vermeil
product details
Ref. 812342610
TOUS choker for Hold in rose silver vermeil. Length: 42 cm. Hold ring needed for closure (not included). Connect rings and chains to create your own jewelry and personalize with pendants and rings. Sterling silver plated with 18kt gold with a thickness of 3 to 5 microns and with no other metal between them.

General information

  • Collection Hold
  • Production technique Chain
About the collection

Innovative jewelry techniques have inspired TOUS HOLD, a collection that stimulates you to design your own unique pieces of jewelry in a spirit of play. Thanks to the ingenious work of our expert jewelers, HOLD presents a system of interlocking rings for creating exclusive jewelry pieces brimming with personality. The collection features rings of different shapes and finishes, made from precious metals such as 18kt gold, sterling silver and dark silver. Also included are pieces plated in silver of different colors that add a vibrant touch to the collection. Lastly, a variety of link chains complete the selection, ideal for making your own bracelets, necklaces and earrings. With HOLD, every piece of jewelry can be transformed into something totally new in just one click. The possibilities for creating a piece of jewelry brimming with significance are endless – it’s ultimately down to you. Discover all the pieces in the collection and express your creativity as you collect them!