Silver TOUS Hold Choker 42cm.

Material Silver


Material Silver
product details
Ref. 812342580
TOUS choker for Hold in sterling silver. Length: 42 cm. Hold ring needed for closure (not included). Connect rings and chains to create your own jewelry and personalize with pendants and rings.
    • Sterling silver
      • Contrast 925/000
      • Weight 7.98 g

General information

  • Collection Hold
  • Production technique Chain
About the collection

From the innovative minds of our master jewelers comes the HOLD collection, which introduces a new system of rings that can be opened and linked together to create unique and memorable pieces. With one simple movement, a necklace can be transformed into two bracelets; two bracelets into long earrings; and these into a discreet everyday accessory. A myriad of variations — including bear and heart-shaped rings, and precious metals such as sterling silver, silver vermeil, dark silver and 18kt gold — allow for infinite permutations. Discover them all and create your own collection!