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Silver vermeil Luah Bracelet with sapphires and quartz


Bear Set with onyx and pearl

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Small Magic Nature disc moon Pendant with lapis lazuli

+ materials

Silver and Pearl Icon Pearl Necklace


Silver Mix and Match Necklace Set

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TOUS Pearls earrings set with bear

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Silver vermeil Hav Ring

+ materials

Silver vermeil Hav double Bracelet

+ materials

Two-tone Luah luna Pendant

+ materials

Magic Nature moon-star open Ring


Long silver Magic Nature Necklace with pearls and onyx


Earrings Set with silver charms and pearls

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Bear Pendant Set - alphabet

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Medium Vermeil Silver Hold Ring

+ materials

Silver Vermeil Teddy Bear necklace Pendant with Onyx


Silver TOUS Sweet Dolls Necklace with pearls


Silver Vermeil TOUS Basics Choker


Bear Earrings Set with Pearl

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Silver Vermeil Fragile Nature flower Pendant

+ materials

Silver vermeil Luah bear Pendant with quartz

+ materials

Bear Set with pearl

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Rose Silver Vermeil TOUS Hold Bracelet 17cm.

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