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Silver Vermeil Hold Choker

+ materials

40 cm Gold TOUS Chain Choker with balls.


Silver TOUS Chain Choker with balls 50cm.

+ materials

42 cm Dark Silver Hold Choker.


Silver Nenufar Set

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Colored Fragile Nature Necklace set

3 products

Silver Oceaan Necklace set

5 products

Oceaan - Hold Necklace set

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Gold and Steel Mesh Bracelet Bear motif


Gold Color Kings Earrings


Silver TOUS Bracelets Bracelet


White Gold Les Classiques heart Bracelet with Diamonds


TOUS Basics small Earrings in Silver

+ materials

Silver Sweet Dolls Pendant


Silver Vermeil Teddy Bear Gems Pendant with Sapphires

+ materials

Silver Vermeil Nocturne Necklace with Diamond star


Silver Vermeil Nocturne Necklace with Diamond charms


Silver Warm Hoop earrings

+ materials

Gold TOUS Good Vibes cornucopia Pendant with Diamonds


Silver Vermeil TOUS Good Vibes clips Bracelet with Gemstones


Gold TOUS Good Vibes cornucopia Earrings with Diamonds


Silver Mini Icons Bracelet

+ materials

Small Silver Vermeil and Malachite Icon Color Earrings


Medium Hold Rose Vermeil heart Earrings

+ materials

Medium Rose Vermeil Hold Bear Earrings

+ materials

Oval rose Silver Vermeil Hold Bracelet

+ materials

Silver TOUS Good Vibes Mama charms Necklace


Silver Hold Bracelet

+ materials

Vermeil Silver Tiny Pendant with Ruby and Apatite

+ materials

Small Silver Hold Ring

+ materials

Silver TOUS Hold Bracelet 17cm.

+ materials