Silver Warm Bracelet

Material Silver
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Material Silver

Out of stock
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Pure simplicity—and yet, so attractive. A bangle that’s there and not there on your wrist. Subtlety and character. One of those jewels that never go away.
Ref. 712351500
TOUS Warm bangle in sterling silver. Size: 0.6 cm.
    • Sterling silver
      • Contrast 925/000
      • Weight 8.427 g

General information

  • Collection Warm
  • Production technique Machining
About the collection

The simplest shape there is the circle, which represents unity, infinity and perfection. What’s more, the simplicity of the ring relates to protection and eternity. Through the process of electroforming, the Warm collection comprises light-weight, large-volume pieces, without soldering. This is, without a doubt, an essential in your jewelry collection if you want to be on trend (and comfortable) every day.