Silver TOUS Mesh Ring with pearl



product details
A ring with a lot to say. This one is sure to become your lucky charm. Fill it with happy and unforgettable moments.
Ref. c613105500
TOUS Mesh ring in sterling silver with 6.5-7mm pearl. Size: 6mm.
    • Sterling silver
      • Contrast 925/000
      • Weight 2.195 g
    • Cultured pearl
      • Quantity 1
      • Weight 0.35 g

General information

  • Collection Icon Mesh
  • Production technique Microcasting
Icon Mesh
About the collection

In the 1990s, honoring our watchmaking origins, we pioneered the introduction of mesh straps for wristbands, necklaces and rings. That’s when the Mesh collection came into being, creating a new paradigm of style and trend in jewelry by combining the steel of the mesh with the precious metals of the different motifs that accompanied it. The collection’s novel combination of materials has been expanded recently by the addition of colorful gemstones, such as Lapis Lazuli and Amazonite, with the result that its lightweight, contemporary design today continues to be the revolution that it always was. The Mesh collection represents TOUS’ youthful and confident spirit and is, without a doubt, one of our must-have collections.