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235 CAD
235 CAD

Oceaan Bicolor cameo Ring

229 CAD
+ materials

Silver Vermeil Nenufar petal Ring

245 CAD

Silver Vermeil Nocturne Ring with Diamond bear

245 CAD

Smooth Silver TOUS Basics Open ring

139 CAD

Gold TOUS Diamonds Ring with Diamond

880 CAD

Silver Vermeil Straight Ring

195 CAD
+ materials
189 CAD

Silver Straight bears Signet Ring

139 CAD
+ materials

Two-tone Luah heart Ring

129 CAD

Silver TOUS Mesh Ring 7mm

159 CAD
239 CAD

White Gold with Diamonds Alecia Ring

670 CAD

Steel and Gold TOUS Sweet Dolls Ring 0,5cm.

325 CAD

Steel and Gold TOUS Mesh Ring 0,7cm

370 CAD

Black IP Steel and Rose Vermeil Silver TOUS Icon Mesh Ring

219 CAD

Small Silver Vermeil Nenufar Ring with Diamonds

385 CAD

Silver vermeil Hav Ring

315 CAD
+ materials

Black IP Steel Mesh Color Ring with Onyx Bear motif

245 CAD
+ materials
295 CAD
+ materials

Silver Fragile Nature rosette Ring with Gemstones

395 CAD

Smooth Silver TOUS Basics Ring

129 CAD

Silver Vermeil TOUS Basics Domed ring

179 CAD

Silver Vermeil TOUS Basics oval Signet ring

159 CAD

Silver TOUS Crossword Love Ring

79 CAD
+ materials

Silver Duna Tube Ring

165 CAD
630 CAD

Magic Nature moon-star open Ring

99 CAD
295 CAD
+ materials

White Gold TOUS Puppies Ring with Diamonds 0.23ct

3700 CAD