Large Titanium Teddy Bear Pendant with Diamonds – Limited Edition

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The limited edition pendants from the Teddy Bear collection will become the star of your jewelry box. The teddy bear that inspired Rosa Oriol in 1985 is reinvented in jewelry made using innovative techniques.
Ref. 018074620
Large TOUS Teddy Bear jointed pendant in titanium with 0.65 cm dangling bear in 18kt white gold with 0.017 ct pavé diamonds, diamond size H/SI. Pendant size: 3.8 cm.

General information

  • Collection Teddy Bear
  • Production technique Sintering
Teddy Bear
About the collection

In honor of our icon and of innovative jewelry techniques, we’ve created the TEDDY BEAR collection. Jewelry that, in a variety of pieces, reinvents the teddy bear that inspired Rosa Oriol during a visit to Milan in 1985; it reminded her of cherished childhood memories, “And why not make it in gold?” Later, it was to become an internationally recognized symbol representing one of our most fundamental values — tenderness. The Teddy Bear collection is made up of pieces made in different metals, such as sterling silver and 18kt gold, with gemstones including Spinel and Diamonds, the hardest mineral on earth and one of the most cherished for its special brilliance and beauty.