Ivette Ring in Gold with Topaz and Pearl

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Have it all. If you can’t decide between diamonds and pearls, go for a ring that has both! Why? You’ll get a dual-action effect that will have all eyes on you. It’s the best of both worlds.
Ref. c712195070
TOUS Ivette ring in 18kt yellow gold with topaz and pearl. Sizes: 10 mm. and 4 mm.

General information

  • Collection Ivette
  • Production technique Microcasting
About the collection

Inspired by the lights and colors that the city reveals at dusk, the Ivette collection transports us to a world of color and flashes of brilliance in the form of jewels. We combine brilliant cut, translucent and opaque gemstones to simulate the colored lights: gemstones such as ruby, prized for its transparency and the intense red color to which it owes its name ; amazonite, bluish green with white veins and perfect exfoliation ; pink opal, normally opaque ; blue topaz, symbol of loyalty and openness ; and pearls, gemstones of organic origin.