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long live Tous Medallions! Are you into pendants? Prove your love by wearing two, three or even four at a time! Have a thing for rings? Then wear one on each finger! Your hands say everything about you, you know.
Ref. 712164750
TOUS Camille pendant in rose vermeil silver with rhodonite. Size: 2.1 cm. Vermeil: Sterling silver plated with a layer of 18kt rose gold. (Chain not included)

General information

  • Collection Camille
  • Production technique Microcasting
About the collection

Charms have always been used in jewelry as a symbol of good luck. Camille is a collection bursting with energy and power, specially designed with circular shapes as a symbol of protection that will stay with you wherever you go.Be inspired by this jewelry, crafted in sterling silver, rose silver vermeil and gold with gemstones such as Amazonite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz and Onyx – the other great stars of this collection. Find your favorite finish and gemstone and turn your piece of jewelry into a powerful charm.