White Gold Puppies Earrings



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There are few things as timeless as diamond and pearl earrings. Generations of royalty, celebrities, and fashion insiders cannot be wrong!
Ref. 515263000
TOUS Puppies earrings in 18kt white gold, diamonds and 0.6 cm pearls. Total weight: 0.08ct.

General information

  • Collection Puppies
  • Production technique Microcasting
About the collection

Puppies is a timeless collection of jewelry that is very fine and delicate, but indubitably modern. Available in different finishes, from sterling silver with pearls to 18kt gold and white gold. The latter is an alloy of yellow gold and palladium, a shiny silvery-white colored metal belonging to the platinum group of metals. A final layer of rhodium gives it the desired color and characteristic shine. It adds a touch of light and femininity to your jewelry.