Long Silver Vermeil Glaring Pendant with multicolored Sapphires

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Elegant jewelry that’s all the rage? Discover this pendant in silver vermeil with multicolored sapphires from the Glaring collection, and say yes to color and gemstones and show off your most glam look.
Ref. 018144500
TOUS Glaring pendant in silver vermeil with seven 3-4 mm sapphires (orange, green, yellow, blue and pink). Length: 5.2 cm. Sterling silver plated with 18kt gold with a thickness of 3 to 5 microns and with no other metal between them. This item does not include the chain. Production technique: Casting.

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  • Collection Glaring
  • Production technique Microcasting
Out of stock
About the collection

The new sophistication is dressed in gemstones, colors and pieces striking in their impact. Opt for a glamorous look with the Glaring collection, with jewels set in silver vermeil and accompanied by multicolored sapphires, the gem of wisdom – each one of its colors being associated with a specific kind of wisdom. If you prefer looks that are elegant and refined, the version of the Glaring collection with Onyx and Zircon is the one for you – designed in silver vermeil with onyx, the opaque, black quartz that transmits strength and courage, and zircon, a colorless gemstone in a brilliant cut with a spectacular adamantine shine. Whatever you choose, give your look a boost with Glaring and show off your most authentic side – the time has come to lead a new wave of style.