Long Silver Fragile Nature Necklace with Gemstones



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Revamp your look with this necklace in silver with gemstones from the Fragile Nature collection, inspired by the beauty and delicateness of the natural world.
Ref. 118652580
Long TOUS Fragile Nature necklace with five charms in sterling silver measuring 7.6-22 mm, with 4 mm faceted apatite donut, 5 mm faceted citrine donut, 4-5 mm semi-round cultured freshwater pearl, 6.3 mm smooth malachite donut, 4 mm faceted ruby donut, 4.2 mm faceted peridot donut and faceted carnelian donut measuring 3.8-4.2 mm. Necklace length: 70 cm. Production technique: Casting.

General information

  • Collection Fragile Nature
  • Production technique Microcasting
Fragile Nature
About the collection

Through her accomplished artistry, her ability to create and adapt, her perfection, her details and her organic and spontaneous forms, Mother Nature shows us that she is as powerful as she is fragile. She is our guiding spirit. She protects us and we protect her. In the Fragile Nature collection, we harnessed technology to immortalize her beauty, creating contemporary pieces in a combination of metals and with gemstones… to promote looks that can adapt to any style and are as sophisticated as they are eclectic. Feel nature against your skin!