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Short 45 cm silver Necklace TOUS MANIFESTO

Medium 50 cm silver Necklace TOUS MANIFESTO

+ materials

Short 42 cm silver Necklace TOUS Basics

Short 50 cm gold ring Necklace TOUS Basics

Short 40 cm gold Necklace TOUS Basics

Medium silver rope Chain measuring 60 cm TOUS Chain

Silver TOUS Chain Choker 80 cm

TOUS MANIFESTO curbed Chain in silver

Vermeil Silver TOUS Chain Choker. 40cm.

Silver mixed curb-chain Choker TOUS Chain

Silver Vermeil TOUS Good Vibes Choker

Silver Choker with balls measuring 45 cm TOUS Chain

Vermeil Silver TOUS Chain Choker 70cm.

Gold Choker with oval rings measuring 40 cm TOUS Chain

Rose Vermeil Silver TOUS Chain Necklace 65cm.

Silver TOUS Chain Choker semi-rigid 45cm

Gold Choker measuring 40 cm TOUS Chain

+ materials

Silver TOUS Chain Choker 60cm.

40 cm Gold TOUS Chain cord Choker.

Gold Choker measuring 42 cm TOUS Chain

45 cm Silver TOUS Chain 3 mm ball Choker.

Silver TOUS Chain Choker with 1,8mm balls

+ materials