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Celebrate love with this 18-carat yellow gold and mother-of-pearl necklace from the Valentine's Day collection. Because there is a jewel for each unique love.
Ref. 115304020
Pendant in 18kt yellow gold with mother-of-pearl from the Valentine's Day collection. Pendant size: 22 mm. Production technique: Casting.
    • 18kt gold
      • Contrast 750/000
      • Weight 0.893 g
    • Mother-of-pearl
      • Quantity 2
      • Weight 3.3 g

General information

  • Collection San Valentín
  • Production technique Microcasting
San Valentín
About the collection

Tenderness is our motto, and universal love is our ally. Because every type of love is different, we have designed TOUS jewelry for every one of them using different metals, gemstones and motifs. Find the piece that best defines your kind of love and add a touch of romance to your looks.