Alecia Necklace in Gold with Pearl.



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This necklace demonstrates why the combination of gold and pearls has been winning over hearts for generations. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Ref. 712212010
TOUS Alecia necklace in 18kt yellow gold with 1.25 cm. pearl. Length: 42 cm.
    • 18kt gold
      • Contrast 750/000
      • Weight 1.003 g
    • Cultured pearl
      • Quantity 0.5
      • Weight 1.2 g

General information

  • Collection Alecia
  • Production technique Electroforming without resin core
About the collection

A tribute to creativity, lightness, stylistic fusion and reinterpretation in the shape of jewelry. Alecia is discreet but cheerful, intelligent and discriminating ; a personality that is embodied in silver vermeil and gemstone jewelry, as well as in white gold and diamonds, the hardest mineral on Earth, and 18kt yellow gold with Coin pearls - a variety of cultured freshwater pearls that are flat in shape. Bringing us a great variety of vivid colors, among the gemstones we find amazonite, with its bluish green color, perfect exfoliation and named after the Amazon River ; aventurine, a variety of green quartz with bright inclusions whose name means coincidence ; and pink opal, a gem of hope and spiritual peace.