Gold Icon Pearl Bracelet with Pearl

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A bracelet that'll highlight your elegance in the sweetest way. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your most laid-back looks. Wear it with the necklace from the same collection and there'll be no stopping you.
Ref. 612571000
TOUS Icon Pearl bracelet in 18kt yellow gold with 5-5.5mm pearls. Ring: 1.6cm. Bear: 3mm. Length: 17.50cm.
    • 18kt gold
      • Contrast 750/000
      • Weight 2.23 g
    • Cultured pearl
      • Quantity 1
      • Weight 0.33 g

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  • Collection Icon Pearl
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Icon Pearl
About the collection

The shapes of Nature are unique and irregular, and a fount of inspiration during our creative process. At TOUS, we are constantly seeking the beauty of the different. Pearls are an example of this, as they already possess shapes and nuances that are different by ‘Nature’, and that vary according to their type and origin: Round pearls – the most valued and symmetrical; Half-round pearls that are not entirely spherical; Button pearls – symmetrical but flat, often used for bracelets and necklaces; Coin pearls – flattened and with certain irregularities; Stick pearls – with their characteristic elongated shape; Grain of Rice pearls – elongated and irregular in shape; and Baroque pearls – in an asymmetric shape that romantically resembles a teardrop. In our Icon Pearl collection, we renew our classic collection by working with mini-sized pieces, giving rise to jewelry with a more modern and trendy flair.