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Silver TOUS Color Earrings with faceted onyx


Silver TOUS Color Necklace


Vermeil Silver TOUS Color Earrings with faceted onyx


Vermeil Silver TOUS Color Necklace with Onyx


Small Silver Vermeil and Malachite Icon Color Earrings


Silver New Color Earrings


Silver TOUS Bear Earrings with pearls


Silver TOUS Color Pendant with faceted onyx 3,3cm.

+ materials

Silver and faceted onyx TOUS Color Pendant


Silver TOUS Color Earrings with faceted onyx


Two-tone Oursin Necklace


Short two-tone Oursin Earrings


Small two-tone Oursin Pendant


TOUS Mini Onix Earrings in Silver with Onyx 0,4cm.


Black IP Steel Mesh Color Bracelet with Onyx


Silver Vermeil Teddy Bear Stars Pendant with Gemstones

+ materials

Silver Vermeil Cool Joy Earrings set

+ materials

Silver Mesh Color Bracelet with Amethyst


Mesh Gold Bangle


Steel and Gold TOUS Sweet Dolls Ring 0,5cm.


Gold and Steel Mesh Bracelet Bear motif


Steel and Gold TOUS Mesh Ring 0,7cm


Silver Bangle TOUS Mesh Bear motifs 1x0,6cm


Silver TOUS New Silueta Necklace Bear motif


Silver New Silueta Bracelet


Silver New Silueta Earrings


Silver Camille Earrings with Rose Quartz

+ materials

Glory Earrings in Silver Vermeil with Onyx and Pearl