Silver Camee Bracelet with Pearl



product details
Your total ensemble is no small thing. Give yourself the gift of this bracelet to really go the distance on your next special occasion, and enjoy the magic of the little Tous bear adorned in the most exclusive finishes.
Ref. 712321610
TOUS Camee bracelet in sterling silver with pearls. Motif: 1,2cm.
    • Sterling silver
      • Contrast 925/000
      • Weight 2.783 g
    • Cultured pearl
      • Quantity 1
      • Weight 0.1 g

General information

  • Collection Camee
  • Production technique Microcasting
About the collection

Cameos have traveled all the way from ancient Mediterranean cultures and depict landscapes, portraits and figures delicately carved out of materials like glass, gemstones and shells.Taking its inspiration from them, Camille is born, a collection whose mission it is to keep tradition alive but with a contemporary edge. In this collection, we apply the technique of low relief carving on our gemstones and precious metals, focusing on the bear in the leading role and creating jewelry full of tradition, available in sterling silver, silver vermeil, rose silver vermeil and gold with gemstones such as Malachite and Onyx.