Silver Vermeil Save lion bracelet with beige Cord

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"SAVE is a collection representing a trek through nature, hand in hand with eight animals threatened with extinction - the bear, the giraffe, the toucan, the lion, the elephant, the rhinoceros and the monkey - and is my small contribution to a cause, the protection of animals, that touches my heart, a cause that I'm passionate about. Because, as it always does, Eugenia by TOUS comes from a part of me." Eugenia Martínez de Irujo
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TOUS Save bracelet with silver vermeil lion and beige cord and moon-shaped tag. Lion size: 0.95 cm. Closed bracelet length: 15.5 cm. Sterling silver plated with 18kt gold with a thickness of 3 to 5 microns and with no other metal between them. (Eugenia Collection by TOUS) Production technique: Casting.

General information

  • Collection Save
  • Production technique Microcasting
About the collection

Our commitment to the protection of the planet and its species is embodied in Save, a collection from Eugenia Martínez de Irujo made for TOUS in collaboration with the WWF, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection of nature and the environment and to whom we donate 5% of the sales of the collection. The need to express her passion for the natural environment, with which Eugenia Martínez de Irujo so deeply identifies, led her to create jewelry that represents a journey through nature featuring seven endangered animals, each with their own symbolic meaning: the elephant, imposing and solemn, as a good luck charm representing wisdom, loyalty, strength and longevity; the monkey as a symbol of intelligence, cunning and joy; the lion as a symbol of strength and authority, but also of balance and justice, related to leadership on the road to success; the toucan, a majestic bird representing paradise, joy and positive energy and symbolizing the strength of communication; the giraffe, intuitive, elegant and patient, symbolizing the will to progress and the ability to look to the future with fortitude; the bear, tender and calm, but also brave and strong, representing both energy and power, as well as responsibility, protection and tenderness; and the rhinoceros, an animal with a strong connection to the Earth and symbol of security, ambition, wisdom and gratitude.