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The collection's biggest hit – the flashes of color from this Real Sisy pendant add a smattering of brightness and personality to everything they touch.
Ref. 812454010
TOUS Real Sisy pendant in titanium and 18kt yellow gold with ruby, chrome diopside, blue topaz and amethyst. Size: 3 cm. This item does not include the chain.

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  • Collection Real Sisy
Real Sisy
About the collection

A jeweler’s hands, natural gemstones, diamonds, precious metals... all these things convert a piece of jewelry into a ‘Real Jewel’. The Real Sisy collection takes the meticulousness of our jewelers as its point of departure to experiment with the meaning of a real jewel. Its pieces simulate the effect of a kaleidoscope in an innovative way, combining a great variety of metals such as sterling silver, 18kt yellow gold and titanium, which is a strong, light material perfect for the creation of avant-garde jewelry. Gemstones such as blue Topaz and Garnet are also the stars of this collection. You’ll turn heads!