Product details
Ref. 812442132
TOUS Gem Power Pendant in 18 kt yellow gold with pink opal. Size: 2 cm. This item does not include the chain.
    • 18kt gold
      • Contrast 750/000
      • Weight 0.62 g
    • Opal
      • Quantity 1
      • Weight 0.74 g

General information

  • Collection Gem Power
About the collection

Nature magically transforms minerals into stunning gemstones through fire, energy and time. All the energy of the universe is concentrated into these precious stones, bestowed upon us by the Earth and used since time immemorial for their beauty and power. It is for this reason that gemstones are the authentic stars of the magical Gem Power collection, with a variety of jewelry designed in different metals such as 18kt gold and titanium, accompanied by pearls and gemstones such as Amethyst and pink Opal. Ready to experience their power?