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Gold TOUS Teddy Bear Bracelet with gemstones

Two-tone silver vermeil TOUS Hav Bracelet with ring

Silver vermeil TOUS Fellow Bracelet

Silver TOUS Fellow Bracelet with a pearl and bear

Silver TOUS Joy Bits Bracelet with dyed calcite

Lilac-colored TOUS Crossword Love Bracelet

Silver vermeil TOUS Crossword Love Bracelet

Silver vermeil Luah Bracelet with sapphires and quartz

Two-tone Hav XL ring Bracelet

+ materials

Silver vermeil Hav XL Bracelet

+ materials

Gold Oceaan Bracelet with pearl

Silver Vermeil Oceaan shell Bracelet with pearls

Silver Vermeil Fragile Nature laurel leaf Bracelet

Gold Nenufar Bracelet with Diamonds

+ materials

Silver Vermeil Hold rings Bracelet with Pearls

Silver Vermeil Hebi Bracelet

Silver Mini Icons Bracelet

+ materials

Gold TOUS Good Vibes horseshoe Bracelet with Diamonds

Dark Silver Hold Bracelet. 69/100

+ materials

Silver Hold Bracelet

+ materials

White Gold Les Classiques heart Bracelet with Diamonds

Rose Silver Vermeil TOUS Hold Bracelet 17cm.

+ materials

Silver TOUS Hold Bracelet 17cm.

+ materials

Gold and Steel Mesh Bracelet Bear motif

Silver TOUS Puppies Bracelet 18cm.

Silver Camee Bracelet with Pearl

Silver TOUS Color Bracelet with faceted mother-of-pearl