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Silver TOUS Mama medallion Necklace with Gemstones

+ materials

Gold TOUS Crossword Mama Necklace with diamonds


Silver vermeil TOUS Crossword Amor Necklace


Gold Crossword Love Necklace with a diamond


Silver TOUS Vibrant Colors Necklace with gemstones and enamel


Blue Sweet Dolls Elastic Necklace

+ materials

Mint green Sweet Dolls Elastic necklace

+ materials

Red Sweet Dolls Elastic necklace

+ materials

Two-tone TOUS Joy Bits necklace with combined motifs


Two-tone TOUS Joy Bits necklace with bear


Silver Areia Necklace with onyx

+ materials

Two-tone Oursin Necklace


Silver Vermeil Hold rings Necklace with Pearls


Silver TOUS Chain Choker. 44cm.


Silver TOUS Hold Necklace 1,6cm.

+ materials

Gold Sweet Dolls Necklace. 17 18/25.


Silver Sweet Dolls bear Necklace


Silver TOUS Sweet Dolls Necklace with Pearls and Bear motif


Silver Magic Nature bear Necklace with pearl


Silver TOUS Color Necklace


Medium Silver Vermeil TOUS Chain cord Chain


Twisted Necklace with XL bear motif