34 Products

Gold Sweet Dolls Earrings with pearls Bear motif

670 CAD

Gold Sweet Dolls Bracelet Bear motif

570 CAD

Silver Vermeil Nocturne Necklace with Diamond charms

465 CAD

Gold and Steel Sweet Dolls Bracelet

740 CAD

Mesh Gold Bangle

990 CAD

Gold Hold Necklace with 47/100" ring

690 CAD
+ materials

Gold Hold Necklace with Pearls

660 CAD

White gold Sweet Dolls girl Pendant with Diamonds

890 CAD

Large Silver Vermeil Nenufar Ring with Diamonds

930 CAD

Gold TOUS Diamonds Ring with Diamond

880 CAD

Gold TOUS Good Vibes cornucopia Earrings with Diamonds

870 CAD

White Gold with Diamonds and Pearl Alecia Earrings

990 CAD

Gold Les Classiques open Ring with six Diamonds Bear motifs

1900 CAD

45 cm Gold TOUS Chain cord Choker.

640 CAD

Silver Vermeil Glaring Necklace with multicolored Sapphires

690 CAD
+ materials
790 CAD

45 cm White Gold TOUS Chain Choker with interspersed balls.

820 CAD
+ materials

Silver Vermeil TOUS Basics Choker

570 CAD

Gold TOUS Good Vibes cornucopia Earrings

520 CAD

Gold and Steel Mesh Bracelet Bear motif

990 CAD

Silver vermeil Hav double Bracelet

690 CAD
+ materials

Gold Puppies Earringswith Diamonds Girl form

810 CAD

Silver Vermeil Teddy Bear Stars Pendant with Gemstones

495 CAD
+ materials
395 CAD

Gold Straight Color Earrings with Gemstones

630 CAD

Gold TOUS Good Vibes Ring with Diamonds clover motif

770 CAD

Nocturne disc Earrings in Silver Vermeil with Diamonds

990 CAD
530 CAD

Gold TOUS Good Vibes little horseshoe Ring with Diamonds

690 CAD

Gold TOUS Good Vibes horseshoe Earrings with Diamonds

830 CAD
+ materials

Gold and Steel Mesh Bracelet Bear motif

1100 CAD